2014+ Electra glide

  • This is something I know we have needed for a long time and a model I have been working on for a while, I intedned to have it relased alot sooner but real life got in the way and the time just got away from me.

    If you like my work don't hesiate to give me a dontaion, even $1 can help with future projects.

    ====File info=====

    L0 87k polys (depending on options)
    L1 44k polys (depending on options)
    L2 20k polys (depending on options)
    L3 8.5k polys (depending on options)

    Textures 16

    Materials 20


    2 front light options, 1 halogen, 1 LED

    =======Terms of Use============
    1. Do not claim model as your own
    2. Do not convert to other games without checking with me first.
    3. When releasing file must be in a locked state.
    4. You MAY Only sell once you have proir contacted me about it first.
    5.Have fun with it.

    Violating any of these terms at any point voids the license to use, at which any and all copies need to be destroyed
    The people listed in the credits are in no way repsoable for any damage
    that may happen from using this file.

    =========Extra Info===========

    Due to have the sitting animtaion is done for bikes, the player ride position isn't correct to real life.

    To my know knowledge Lights moutned to the front handels bars and fender have to be setup a little diffrently, please look at the vanila police bike to set how this is. This genrally only applys to people useing non-ELS.


  • Cj24

    Added the Label Vehicle