Whelen Linv2-Linsv2

  • Whelen Linv2-Linsv2

    A small holiday gift to the community.

    This is already scaled, so there is no need to do any scaling, just fit it to the application.

    Whelen Linv2 is the surface mount version, and Linsv2 is the mirror mount.

    Whelen Linv2-Linsv2.rar


    whelen linv2/linsv2 scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0

    textures by Five0/OfficerFive0

    emis textures by CJ24

    converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0


    By downloading this file, you agree not to redistribute as your unlocked resource, unless permission is granted by the Author (Five0/OfficerFive0)

    Please DO NOT claim you "Heavily Edited" this file, if all you did was move some vertices, or scale.

  • Cj24

    Added the Label Emergency Lights