San Andreas State Police (Michigan State Police) - Charger (possibly Crown Victoria, Tahoe and Explorer)

  • I'm currently working on lore friendly versions of Michigan State Police vehicles. I plan to have marked versions(of which the charger is almost finished) and slicktops versions of the Charger, Tahoe, CVPI and Explorer.

    The marked vehicles will cary the classic "gumball" light on the roof. The "gumball" is a RV26 by Unity with Whelen modules. I modelled the RV26 which is finished already. I had help from Cj24 to get the chrome effect and specmap right so big thanks to CJ. I also have modelled Whelen ION's and carried the same technique from the RV26 over to the ION (custom texture, custom normal and custom specmap) for a realistic and uniform look of the equipment. Under the pushbar is a Whelen SA315 I've worked on. I tried to get a 3d effect using normal mapping which worked pretty well. For the pushbar I will still need to model a lighted version of the PB400 with cutouts for the whelen ION. Also big thanks to OfficerFive0 for all the information, pictures and help regarding setup and equipment.

    For future additions I'd like to work on a proper PB400 as said above, work on some good spotlights and get the interior equipment sorted.

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