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    Hi all,

    This is my version of the Whelen ION. It features a housing for the surface mount which is toggable in the hierarchy.

    I also added a toggable cooling "system" should the rear of the lighthead be visible.

    I'd like to thank Cj24 for his guidance regarding textures, normal maps and specmaps.

    Enjoy this part and please share your opinion down below :)

    Version 1.0


    • Whelen ION modelled and textured by CEO.

    By using this file in any way shape or form you agree to these terms below.

    You may:

    • Modify this modification and redistribute your edited work provided that correct credits are given.

    You may not:

    • Use any of the work included in this archive for your own financial gain.


    • Accurately scaled to real measurements.



    I'm currently working on lore friendly versions of Michigan State Police vehicles. I plan to have marked versions(of which the charger is almost finished) and slicktops versions of the Charger, Tahoe, CVPI and Explorer.

    The marked vehicles will cary the classic "gumball" light on the roof. The "gumball" is a RV26 by Unity with Whelen modules. I modelled the RV26 which is finished already. I had help from Cj24 to get the chrome effect and specmap right so big thanks to CJ. I also have modelled Whelen ION's and carried the same technique from the RV26 over to the ION (custom texture, custom normal and custom specmap) for a realistic and uniform look of the equipment. Under the pushbar is a Whelen SA315 I've worked on. I tried to get a 3d effect using normal mapping which worked pretty well. For the pushbar I will still need to model a lighted version of the PB400 with cutouts for the whelen ION. Also big thanks to OfficerFive0 for all the information, pictures and help regarding setup and equipment.

    For future additions I'd like to work on a proper PB400 as said above, work on some good spotlights and get the interior equipment sorted.

    Really nice work on the package CJ. You could put a Code3 Wingman 2 module in the center rear (maybe amber/blue or red/blue).

    EDIT: It seems like the housing for third brakelight is protruding trough the rear windshield.

    EDIT2: Perhaps a siren speaker added to the pushbar as a suggestion.

    Hello everyone,

    You might remember me as that not so humble modder/modeller back in the GTA 4 days. However, I've changed into a more humble and mature human being. During my time away from any modding/modelling work, I explored who I am and who I want to be in the future. I went on and travelled to amazing places and met amazing people allong the way. A combination of all really made me reflect on who I was, and I found out that I wasn't a nice person at all. I berated people, I was mean to people, and I didn't appreciate the trouble people went trough "for" me. I've come to partially redeem myself because I feel like I mistreated alot of people in this community. Even though I can't change my actions from the past, I do sincerely want to appologize for anything that occured in the past. I'd like to let you know that I've learned from my mistakes and I'm focusing on the road that lies ahead.

    Now, I've decided I do want to get back into modding and modelling and transfer to GTA 5(Yes I'm still stuck in 2008).

    I've been fooling around with zmod3 and I noticed some changes like the way you setup your materials, the LODs and some other stuff and my question is what do I look out for? What is important when working in zmod3?

    Thank you so much in advance and it's so nice to see all these familiar names again!