Vehicle Templates

  • Does anyone have any information on how to make the colourful 3DS max templates? The ones that TheHurk and other modders use? I'm in the process of making a LASD Prisoner Transport Bus but the Zmodeler type templates I've made looks pretty awful.

  • I won't explain the templating process because that's a lengthy matter on its own but I'll assume you know how to do mapping in 3DS Max and point you towards that colourful function, actually referred to as normals rendering.

    Modifiers > UV Coordinates > UVW Unwrap

    Then find and click on the Open UV Editor button, a window will appear with the UV mapping and then proceed as follows:

    Tools > Render UVW Template > Under mode, select "Normal"

    Select any other options you'd like and click on Render UV Template.

    Below is a video from a quick search, it should serve as a basic guide for you if you're not familiar with 3DS Max mapping.

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