Modify vehicle material GTA V

  • Hello everyone!

    First of all congrats for the amazing job, I'm really impressed with all the work you do and share in this forum. I hope I can share my discoveries once I have them.

    I'm trying to find a mod or create one, in order to be able to change the material of the vehicles in game, with the goal of being able to change from the regular material to a non-reflective material (removing reflections of other objects in the vehicle), as shown in the example above:

    I'm sure any help you could provide, it would be really helpful to accomplish it :)

    So if you know any mod that could do it or you have any info that will help me to create it, I would be glad to hear it!

    Thanks in advance

  • Thank you guys!

    I'll try now to research if it's possible to automatize these modifications in order to make them with the keyboard.

    I'll give it a try and let you know :) Thanks again