Whelen Liberty II DUO Lightbar

  • Whelen Liberty II DUO Lightbar

    Based on the Whelen Liberty Gen2 lightbar by EVI

    Converted to Liberty II DUO and retextured by FrozenN00b

    By downloading and/or using this file, you agree to credit the original authors if you do use and/or release this lightbar.

  • I'll give you the respect that you credited myself, even though the verbiage that you choose may not be entirely accurate. I won't fret over semantics, simply due to this model floating around various websites without proper credits.

    The only issue I have is you demanding to receive approval for others to release it as an open source and modify it further. Barring 1 person, nobody has ever received my approval to convert my IV dev work to V, yet many have. Nor have I asked anybody to cease converting, nor demanding people to fix credits. Since you've uploaded it to MF, you can keep it here, only If you remove the stipulation of your approval. This specific resource is free for anybody to modify to their hearts content. The same conditions trickle down to the end user, regardless of what someone else has changed.

    Hope you understand.