Laird, Motorola and LoJack Antennas

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    This is a collection of antennas that I have made:

    • Laird Black Phantom
    • Laird GPS/Wi-Fi/3G/4G
    • Laird ABSCANCS
    • Laird C40
    • Larid C40 (spring base)
    • Motorola HAF4017A
    • LoJack



    • Laird/Motorola/LoJack antennas modeled and textured by KLE0.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You must include the credits above with any modifications created with this resource.
    • You may not resell or redistribute this part.
    • You may edit and share privately, but the same terms and conditions must apply to the derived work.
    • Commercial use is permitted.

  • KLE0

    Changed the title of the thread from “Laird and Motorola Antennas” to “Laird, Motorola and LoJack Antennas”.

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