Jeff Stinco mod for Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas ?????

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    Hello there .

    I created this thread to see if anyone can create a Jeff Stinco mod for GTA San Andreas ?????

    I am a huge fan of this game , I really want to see if somebody can actually make a GTA character model for Jeff and add him in on to the game on both ports of PC and mobile ( since I literally have no computer , and I only have an Android tablet , so I have no idea how to do that on there ) , and see how that works .

    I also have a reference image , so whoever is going to create this mod dedicated to Jeff will use this image right here as the reference for this mod :

    I hope somebody on here please make this Jeff Stinco mod happen on San Andreas for the free version of the game on the Android tablets and also on the PCs too , as this will be a part of an ARG I made that is designed to put a end to all scary bearded men who had posted over 100,000 times on X and to get them off of there forever ( I 've created a petition about it , please check it out and sign it if you 'll like :…-100-000-times-on-twitter ) .

    BTW , I created a super crappy texture file of what Jeff Stinco may look like in the game , so all apologies if he doesn 't look right as promised , you can always do your best to fix him up if you like :

    Major thankies and goodbye !!!!!


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