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    I copied the car lights in Zm3 and replaced the texture with a blue red texture because I wanted to convert it to a blue red light, but after making the changes, I entered the game and found that the light was not on. This is just a flickering texture, without any halos. The best example is when I change the reversing lights to blue light, but the pattern will flash when not reversing, but there is no halo

    I encountered some problems. When I added the first lamp, the lamp worked, but as long as I added the second lamp, no matter what, the wick of the lamp would light up in the model of the lamp. My operation was the same as the first time It's all the same ;(

    1. To stop it from sliding all the way out you need to set the dummies properties to make it slide less.

    2. Unless the drawer is set to a door on your car it will just slide around like a door that isn't latched. Most people set drawers to "cargodoor", this will make the drawer open automaticly when the trunk is opened.

    Thank you! I have succeeded. I wish you a happy family

    Thank you for your reply, but now there is a new problem. After I set all the settings and create the COL, the drawer will automatically open and pass through the trunk when I drive the car. If I do not create the COL drawer, it will not open

    These are problem pictures

    These are problem pictures

    要创建这个函数,你必须使用滑动门模型。这可以在带有滑动门的“mom vans”上找到。




    To create this function, you'll have to make use of the sliding_door dummy. This can be found on lore "mom vans" with the sliding doors.

    Take the dummy from the door and compound it in to your drawer mesh. You'll have to make some tweaks to the rotation etc to get it to properly open with the trunk.

    First of all, thank you very much for your reply, but now I still don't quite understand where the sliding door model is

    I am a beginner, so many things do not understand where the location is, and my English is not too good trouble


    我现在所知道的是,我可以通过创建 COL 来做到这一点,但我不知道接下来还需要做什么


    I like this kind of dynamic drawer very much, that is, the drawer inside the trunk will expand after opening the trunk, but I don't quite understand how to do this effect

    All I know now is that I can do this by creating a COL, but I don't know what else I need to do next

    Please guide me. Thank you very much!