[NON-ELS] 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility [Chicago Police Based]

  • Hey y’all. Today I present a 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility based off the Chicago Police Department in Illinois. I attempted to recreate the lighting patterns, equipment used, etc. as best as I could. While it may not be a ‘perfect’ CPD vehicle, it is very close to accurate.

    It offers five extras which includes; driver spotlight up, passenger side spotlight up, driver side spotlight down, passenger side spotlight down, and parking lights.

    The model comes standard with blue & partial white lighting. Furthermore, it comes with two livery options which include the new design and old design, made by Nasty_Splashy and his team at Nasty Designs.

    Download Here!

    Chicago PD Based - 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility.zip


    **BASE MODEL**

    2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility by Kane104 (Version 2.0)

    2016 FPIU base model originally by Humster3D/Turbosquid; remodeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by Kane104

    Templates, new grilles, steelies, hubcaps, and all included accessories made by Kane104

    Tyre sidewall textures by Robert, tread and normal map by Kane104

    Tyre dirt texture by Robert, edited by Cj24

    LODs and linked textures by Dan with the Van!

    Body dirtmap by Cj24

    Radio/cluster display textures by CEO

    Interior emissives/dials, configurations and installation set up by Cartres

    Handling line by Dewey


    Liveries by Nasty Designs


    Coban EDGE Modeled,Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da van

    **Soundoff Intersector**

    Scratched and converted and such by Frost88

    Emissive textures by Black Jesus


    Antennas Plus LTE Cell PCS GPS scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0

    converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0

    **Code 3 21TR Lightbar**

    Code 3 21TR modelled, textured and converted to GTA V by CEO.

    **Code 3 Mastercom Controller**

    Mastercom controller modeled and textured by Cj24

    **Lightbar Unit Placard**

    Unknown, if know- please contact me.


    PMT Consoles:

    Scatch Modeled By Walters,

    Textured By Walters.

    **Ready for the Road Package**

    Ford Ready for the Road Package, modelled, textured and converted to GTA V by CEO.

    **Rear Lighting**

    Code 3 XT Stik Series lights made by krul

    tir3 emis by FiveO

    **Setina RP Parition**

    Modeled and Textured by Jophics

    **Soundoff Signal Dome Light**

    Dome light modeled and textured by Cj24.

    **Toughbook Computer**

    Toughbook CF-30 modeled and textured by Cj24.


    Unity LED spotlight modeled and textured by Cj24.

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