Setina SUV Trunk Organizer

  • Included In File:

    • Default Configuration

    • Sliding Top Drawer

    • Opening Top

    • RFID Lock

    • Key Pad Lock

    • Handle Lock

    Additional Notes:

    • Properly Scaled


    • Setina SUV Trunk Organizer modeled and converted to GTA V by Sniper67.

    • Textures by Sniper67 and Terry Sloman.

    Terms of Use:

    • Credit when used.

    • DM me (Sniper67#0067 on Discord) if you would like to use anything included in this download commercially.

    • Do not re-upload anything included in the download.

    • Do not release this in an unlocked format.

    • Do not attempt to claim anything included in the download as your own.

    • Do not convert anything in the download to another game.