YTD to big

  • Hi! I am a new developer, just know a bid basic stuff. I am working on my first "pack", but the YTD is too big(17kb in open IV with 106 textures). What can I do to fix it? Hopefully I haven't to delete this mod.

    I would appreciate an answer.

  • WTF, I talked with tactical donut and he sad (and some others) that my 14 kb ytd is way too big. I already tryed to reimport everthing as DXT5 but its still crashed and I cant spawn fbi now (my old place was fbi)

  • 14 is way too big. Anything over 10 is way too big. Anything over 8 but less than 10 is passable but not ideal.

    Compression isn't your issue, given that I didn't even touch the compression and still managed to get your YTD down from 17 MB to 6.6 MB. It's the random duplicates of textures, 4K resolution on a texture for a gun, a 4K dirtmap, a 4K image for literally just a rifle reticle, vehshare textures, a bunch of 2K images for a radar, etc.

    Like I mentioned it's the YFT at this point that's likely causing it. At least from what I saw your _hi.yft which is just L0 is literally 10+ MB. Your L1-L4 YFT is also just a direct copy of the L0... so that's where your crash is. The huge model files.