Changing Reflective Colors

  • Hello great modders of modding-forum,

    I have done a little dabbling in trying to get this to work but I haven't had any luck. I am attempting to make AZ DPS cars with proper reflections. Now normally this would be an easy task, copy the bodyshell, make material a decal and so forth. However, AZ DPS is somewhat innovative in the reflective wraps they put on their cars. The black part of the car on marked cars turns copper when light is shown on in (a subtle nod to us being the copper state). This same principle applies to the ghost cars. I have provided images below showing what I mean.

    Now I like making GTA, ELS, and all the other great scripts 'bend to my will' and really push the limits of what this game can do but I think this is on verge of impossible. Or if it is possible, its going to be extremely difficult. The only thought I have had on it working is messing with the normals so their more concave so they only reflect when you look at it head on.

    Either way, if there is any group of people who could make this work in GTA, they are on this site.

    Thanks in advance and let me know your thoughts!

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