Goodyear Eagle RS-A V1.5RSA FINAL

  • After noticing how much the current RS-A texture was showing its age I decided to throw this together. The texture comes pre-mapped to a tire model for ease of use courtesy of Matt, however it can of course be mapped on to any tire model.

    Rim depicted is not included, however can be downloaded here.

    When using this texture please use proper credits (included in the download) and please ensure to make a quality model out of respect for our work :)


    [DEV] Goodyear Eagle RS-A V1.5RSA FINAL.rar

    V1.1RSA Changelog:

    -Entirely new tire tread made based on Eagle RS-A, old one was mistakenly traced from a Eagle Enforcer.

    -Corrected P226 text to P225.

    -Strengthened normal map to make text visible from a farther distance.

    Major thanks to Patrol 31 for his help finding and correcting these issues!

    V1.2RSA Changelog:

    -New tire tread once again, this time completely accurate to a police spec Eagle RS-A.

    -Specular map reworked entirely to make the tire look more realistic in the shade as well as the sun.

    -Normal map strength reduced once again to help negate "static" effect at a distance.

    V1.5RSA FINAL Changelog:

    -Non tire shine version added.

    -Detail map reduced to solid color for compression issues.

    -Tire specular map and normal map completely overhauled.

    -Use of mipmaps on normal and specular map to completely eliminate "static" effect (big thanks to Cj24 for his wisdom on the subject).

    -New dirt map by Cj24.

    -Tire tread remapped.

    Big thanks to Cj24 for all of his help!

  • RobertMDLS

    Changed the title of the thread from “[DEV] Goodyear Eagle RS-A V1.0RSA” to “[DEV] Goodyear Eagle RS-A V1.5RSA FINAL”.
  • Hello RobertMDLS

    I would like to use your texture in my modpack for GTA 4.

    I noticed that in modifications for GTA 5 the main texture of the tire is often replaced with a simple black square, leaving work on normal maps and SPEC. In GTA 4, this trick will not work and in this case the result will not look good.

    Can I please get the original texture? I mean "".

    Btw, the texture looks amazing! Finally, someone made the good texture of the Eagle RS-A tire.

    I made a tire tread, but it doesn't look good (cuz i'm not a Photoshop guy) unlike yours.


    (I apologize for my English if you have problems reading)

  • Absolutely, this is with the updated tread from the latest version and should compress to dxt1 nicely. Let me know how it looks


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