Fedsig Vision/Vision SL/ 3 Pod

  • Let's get some love in here for the V shaped lightbar and do it with a light bar that has need some much love for a long time, the Vision SL. (NYPD/LVPM fans rejoice) lightbar. For those of you that don't know the SL is an LED version of the old Vision/Vector lightbar and a percourser to the SLR. Also include is an all rotator Vision and the 3pod Vector

    This is a development model, not a finished model, this is intended for developers.

    Please do not download if you're new or have no idea how to use Zmod.

    Can be converted to other games but credit must be given and ask first.

    Should work with both ELS and Non-ELS

    No suport will be given for rotator lights, it's not hard to find how to set them up so they work right.

    Note that this is not that newest model Freedom

    =======Terms of Use============

    1. Do not claim model as your own

    2. Do not convert to other games without checking with me first.

    3. When releasing file must be in a locked state.

    4. You MAY NOT sell or profit from any part/texuter of this model in any state, personal or public.



    Vision&Vision SL.zip