Rotator Lightbar Not Working Correctly

  • So I was working on a vehicle to test out the rotator lightbar and I ran into a problem where the frontmost center rotator doesn't work or spin, it just flashes randomly above the lightbar. I tried changing the name from siren14 to siren9 to mimic the vanilla police rotators in case that caused the problem but that didn't fix it. Is this a problem with the model itself or do I need to edit something in carcols.ymt?

    EDIT: I did center the problem siren's axes back to its object in case that caused it but that didn't fix it either


  • I don't know what would need to be edited but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the carcols.

    I ended up changing the lightbar setup so that the broken rotator is used as a takedown. I'm going to keep this thread marked as unresolved in case someone else has carcols tips on adding an additional siren or something that I can do with the model.