2011 Ford Crown Vic

  • ====Model Overview=====

    2011 Ford Crown Victoria

    Version 1.0

    ====File info=====

    L0 94,800

    L1 34,800

    L2 13,950

    L3 6,000

    Textures 26

    =======Terms of Use============

    1. Do not claim model as your own

    2. Do not convert to other games without checking with me first.

    3. When releasing file must be in a locked state.

    4. You MAY NOT sell or profit from any part/texuter of this model in any state, personal or public.

    5.Have fun with it.

    Violating any of these terms at any point voids the license to use, at which any and all copies need to be destroyed


    The people listed in the credits are in no way repsoable for any damage

    that may happen from using this file.