Whelen Avengers twin pack

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  • Here is another Christmas gift you guys. Another Whelen Dev part, this time the Avengers. This has both the single and the dual. Both have nice high quality textures and look great. Hope all you guys and gals love this.

    Also keep an eye out for my next release, A Whelen 500 series led with alot of extra's

    This is a development model, not a finished model, this is intended for developers.

    Please do not download if you're new or have no idea how to use Zmod.

    Can be converted to other games but credit must be given and ask first.

    Feel free to convert to the Avenger II, but again if used make sure to give credits

    Should work with both ELS and Non-ELS

    Note that this is gen 1 model of the Avenger, not the avenger II

    Whelen Avengers.zip