Star1889 Sabre

  • So I needed this light bar for a vehicle I was requested to make. I could not find where this bar had ever been made for any game, so I set out to make my own. It may not be 100% accurate due to the lack of detailed pics I had but I think it came out pretty good. What do you guys think? How did I do? Keep in mind this is my first shot at making my own parts.

  • I like the fact that you set out on your own to make it and it looks rather good, that was until I saw the internals. Did you model the entire lightbar from scratch?

    The model and wireframe itself isn't bad, though texturing of the modules leaves a lot to be desired. As far as the internals are concerned, I'm sure almost anyone will notice that you've used 2 motherboard models and a hard drive as substitutes and I really don't know what to say to you in that regard, but I will make a suggestion. If you're uncertain of the circuit boards within, opt for adding a cover over the top as seen below.

    Doing this will save you rather quite a lot of polys, but if you really want internals to be visible, I'd rather suggest you go out and find a reasonable picture of the insides and then make textures based on that rather than modeling it all out.

  • I do appreciate the input, I did model it from scratch using some pics of parts from other light bars that look similar to get the basic shape. The hard drive and internals we made and textured by someone else. I have only every been into one light bar and see the internals first hand, it was a Speed Tech Light bar, so based on that informant and the pics I could find of the sabre I made my best educated guess of what it could look like. I saw pics of the real light bar but were not very detailed. The real one did not have a plate on top and the internals are visible but I agree with what your saying about the top cover, I'm probably going to change that up. I was trying for the realism and wanted to see what it would look like. The detail texture file began as another authors and I modified it to add the correct emissive textures, labels, ect.

    What might you suggest for improving the texturing? This is definitely a WIP and is nowhere near done lol

    Edit: I made the suggested changes of removing the internals and adding a cover on top.