Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Controller 1.1

  • Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Controller 1.1


    Whelen's HHS3200 handheld controller with a PSD included to edit the button text for those experienced in Photoshop.


    Whelen HHS3200 handheld controller modelled and textured by Dirty Dan

    Diffuse and emissive texture reworked by arab brother

    Controller dimenions found by bmar510

    Terms of Use:

    1. Do not claim anything as your own unless your name is listed in the credits above.
    2. Improvements and modifications are approved and credits from original post must be provided if done. Re-release of such improvements or modifications are prohibited unless authorized by Dirty Dan.
    3. Using this in a build being profited from is permitted.


    6.7.24 (1.0):

    Initial Release

    6.16.24 (1.1):

    Changed the default diffuse and emis textures to have a full button layout. The old layout is still available in the "Less Buttons" folder. Thanks to arab brother.

    Controller has been scaled down to the correct dimensions now (approx. 27.5% down) from the original size. Thanks to bmar510 for finding the exact dimensions.

  • Dirty Dan

    Changed the title of the thread from “Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Controller 1.0” to “Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Controller 1.1”.

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