Satisfactory 100+ milestones mod

  • About 18 months ago in my first playthrough of satisfactory i ran out of things to do and somebody in the games steam discussions page suggested i tried the 100+ milestones mod.

    It was just what i was looking for , in fact i was surprised at just how much content was in it , the mod itself seemed almost as big as the main satisfactory game.

    All the mod items were running perfectly until the main game got a big update ... i think it was update 7 ... after the update when i launched the game all the belts that i modded had vanished as had the mods new machines and nodes". I decided the damage was too big an exercise to sort so i got rid of the mod and started another playthrough.

    What really annoyed me was when i spoke about this on the games steam page the very same people who recommended the mod suddenly turned on me. The abuse ranged from HA HA HA you should have known a mod would break your game ( i did not know as i had never used any mod before ) ... to get out of here these pages are for vanilla only. I got the same response from the games Q & A site.

    Nobody would tell me how to stop a games update from breaking and removing all the mod items.

    I was just wondering if somebody could tell me if their is a way to stop the games update deleting or breaking the 100+ miles items.


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