Bobble antenna trouble...

  • I have tried to merge bobble antennas into some of my existing Zmodeler projects. And 50% of the time, it works flawlessly. The antenna will wobble and bend without issue. But sometimes, the antenna will not wobble at all. It remains stiff.

    Is there something I'm not importing? problem with the file name? any thing you can suggest I need to be careful of?

  • I've never had issues making a bobble/wobble antenna work here are my personal workflow steps.
    1. Import antenna and move into place
    2. Break off the Antenna on all LODs from the base
    3. Center the axis to the now lone antenna LODS
    4. Using the Move Tool in Axis only mode drag the axis to the bottom of the antenna.
    5. Copy the L0 anntena and convert it into a Dummy, rename it to the bobble/wobble name of your choice.
    6. Now turn off all LODs at the top right and compound the Dummy, Double click the dummy and begin turning on the LODs and place the matching antenna LOD into the Antenna Dummy.
    7. Once done with all LODs click the little lock next to the dummy name to ensure nothing else get sent to its compound. Done.

  • Well, it's clear that you know how to do it. I'm a not a pro at using Zmodeler. I'm still learning it, even after all these years.

  • Could you explain step 2? I'm not sure about that step.

  • Could you explain step 2? I'm not sure about that step.

    Using poly mode just break off the section you want to wobble. Repeat for all LODs so that you can re-LOD it in two parts once its set up to compound in in step 6.

    If you were to ignore LOD's then you'd just need to break the antenna off and follow the steps ignorong the LOD sections and only compound L0 into the dummy.

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