Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

    1. By using this website you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.
    2. The services provided on this website are subject to change without further notice.
    3. Any changes to the terms of use and the privacy policy will be announced one week in advance.
  2. Registration & User Accounts

    Registered users are able to contribute their own texts, images and other files within our forums, our gallery and our filebase (later described as "content").
    1. The account's login information, specifically the password, may not be disclosed to any person other than the one who registered it. Each person is only allowed to use one account.
    2. Every user has to make sure that they have provided a valid email adress. Disposable or temporary email address may not be used. If no valid email adress was provided or if the user fails to activate his account after registration, it may be suspended or removed.
      Users are able to adjust which emails they want to receive in their notification settings .
    3. If a user violates these terms of use, or if he otherwise disrupts the peace within the community, their account may be banned or access to certain services blocked. These measures may not be circumvented. If necessary, they may be applied without prior notice. Any decisions in this regard are up to the discretion of the website's administrator.
  3. Content

    1. It is not allowed to post anything that is offensive, disrespectful, obscene, discriminatory, expresses extreme political views, otherwise violates the law or is generally deemed inappropriate.
    2. Every user is responsible for the content they are publishing. When posting, embedding or linking to content, every user has to make sure he holds all rights or permissions required. If necessary for quotes, images or other content, sources have to be mentioned.
    3. By submitting content, the user grants the website's administrator a non-exclusive right of use to keep this content permanently publicly available within our website. The administrator may move content within the website or connect it to other content.
    4. Advertisement or any other content with the purpose of pursuing commercial interest may not be posted.
    5. If content violates our terms of use or applicable law, it can be reported to the website's staff using the "Report" button. As much information as possible needs to be provided. Reported content will be dealt with accordingly.
    6. Content may be removed or edited without further notice if it violates the terms of use or applicable law.

    Within this website, members have the opportunity to post own modifications. Users may not use downloaded modifications or parts of these modifications in any way not intended by the original author.
  5. Guidelines for specific parts of our website

    We expect all of our users to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a good atmosphere within the community. Furthermore, instructions given by staff members have to be complied with.
    1. Forums

      1. Choose comprehensible thread titles that descibe the topic as well as possible.
      2. Don't add posts containing either spam or just no useful information at all. Please don't create two consecutive posts unless they are an important contribution to the topic.
      3. Use an appropriate tone and try to follow grammar and spelling rules as far as possible.
      4. Instead of third party hosters that may not guarantee the availability of files, our own attachment tool should be used to upload pictures. Instead of embedding large pictures, we recommend using smaller thumbnails.
      Specific categories have their own guidelines, complementing these general guidelines. They are pinned on top of the respective category. This applies for the following categories:
    2. Gallery

      1. Only in-game screenshots taken in GTA IV or GTA V may be uploaded to our gallery. They need to be upload into the correct category.
      2. Pictures of modifications may not be posted if they contain any parts that are used without permission.
    3. Filebase

      Every file submitted needs to be approved by a member of staff. It will be checked whether the modification reaches the required quality. If the file does not reach the requirements, it may be rejected. Further information can be found in our Guidelines for Modifications in our Filebase.

  6. Disclaimer

    Liability claims against the website's operator are in principal excluded, except in case of a breach of duty resulting in damage to a person's life, physical integrity or health, or for any intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty, caused by either the website's operator, a vicarious agent or a legal representative.