Needs paint


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  • And another "year" of development.
    • referring to the dev of the base model?
    • Yessir
    • It definitely had some stuff that needed work. He said he didnt want to work on it anymore, which is fine. Ill do my own work to it and make as good as I can. The cool part is all the extra stuff to make it an accurate model for any year. I hope I can improve my skills with this and make some really killer models.
    • Definitely submit your mod here and let the dorks tell you everything you can improve. I know there's a lot on that model that needs major improving.
    • I'll definitely do that. Its a learning process and ive tough myself mostly everything I know at this point. I think I'm doing ok lol. Like I said I want to make the highest quality stuff I can. I hate most of the half ass models that most people do.