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  • Take a an actual physical look at your local state or municipality department Tahoe’s. Tahoe PPV tires are smaller than their civilian counterpart. In the end it’s your model and a beautiful one at that. Just my suggestion if you’re going for 100% accuracy which it looks like you are. The image you scaled too, which model is it PPV, SSV, civilian?

  • oh. My.

  • Love it!! My only suggestion is if you’re going for a PPV those tires need to be smaller. The Tahoe PPV compared to its civilian counterpart sits lower and has smaller tires for handling.

    • Are you sure? I scaled the wheels directly from an image.. lol

    • On the 15+ the tires are nearly the same size on the PPV and the SSV. The only way you could really tell is by measuring them. The PPV uses a 265/60/17 and the SSV uses a 265/70/17. The PPV tire is 10% shorter than the SSV. The SSV uses the same size tire as the civilian model. They look smaller because the Eagle RSA is such a smooth tire. If you compare that to a slightly bigger Wrangler off road tire the Wrangler will naturally look bigger because of the aggressive tread.

  • That is a nice mod, ugly truck but nice mod. (i like the 2008 body better LOL)
    and i like the extra touch with the rain guards on the windows

  • Thats amazing

  • I need it nowww.