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    I recently started doing hybrid models instead of strictly ELS for more accurate flash patterns, and I'm disappointed that not only do the AI not use sirens 1-20, but whenever I leave my vehicle, the sirens shut off too. Weirdly enough, on some models sirens 1-8 will still work, but not on other models.

    Is there any way to make those lights stay on?

    Looks good so far. A few questions:

    Yard1 had a riot model a long time ago that stayed private. In this model, 8 peds could be set in the back. I believe he achieved this with the vehiclelayouts.meta from the barracks model.

    Would you be interested in doing something like that with this model?

    Is this going to be based on LASD's Bearcats, with the Whelen liberty?

    Will there be more variants, such as the Patriot systems mount or the medcat
    version used by some LASD models and the LAPD?