I have a model I'm working on that keeps crashing GTAV upon startup. ELS log shows the file I've been working on. But unsure what to do about it...

  • I wish there was something in Zmodeler that could check the file to see where the issue is.

    All I did was move some lights arounds. No merging. No importing of any resources.

    Is there a way to check and see what the issue could be?

    here's the ELS log... Yup. the firetruk is the model I'm, working on...

    <FILEV> Found file: [ firetruk.xml ].

    <FILEV> Verifying vehicle model name [ firetruk ].

    (OK) Is valid vehicle model, assigned VMID [ 3 ].

    Parsing file. *A crash before all clear indicates faulty VCF.*

    VCF Description: Sample VCF

    VCF Author: Luxart

    (OK) Collected data from: 'ADMIN'.

    (OK) Collected data from: 'INTERFACE'.

    Oh... I see now... Bad VCF file.... duh.... back at work,...

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