Zmodler3 Issues Looking for advice.

  • Hello, I've started dabbing into the zmodler3 world, I've always had a passion to edit 3d models and such. I've made a simple template using a car and exported it with zmolder and streamed it to my fivem. The issues isn't the car or anything like that. my template shows the car is beautiful and such. my issue is when Driving the car and crash into anything, it crashes my game giving the virginia nevada error. I've tried messing with the metas the handling the vehicle.meta and much more but I'm simply stummped. All I wanted to to is create a template for a vehicle and have it show on the car, and can't really find no help on the subject anywhere. So any advise or suggestions would be great. And I know I'm new to the forums, but I plan to stay and learn more about the community and sharpen my skills with 3d modeling. Thanks in advance and happy holidays everyone! I can go through a step by step of my process if some ones willing to take the time and help me.

  • I've Learned More about LODS, And Such and realized my poly count was way out of wack, I've learned a lot from this site, and for those who created it, and continue to make it better I promise people like me are very thankful for the work and dedication! Cheers! With that being said my car is no longer crashing the game, after I've learned about Optimizing LODS