GTA San Andreas Real Cop System Mod Beta (2020)

  • Didn't find any place to ShowCase SanAndreas Mods here, but since I studied GTA IV and Hitman a lot to make this mod, here you go :)


    This mod makes evading police possible in San Andreas by avoiding getting sighted by cops and keeping a low profile. It also features advanced cop reactions and a shooting distraction system - with ideas from games like Hitman Absolution and GTA IV.

    Real Cop System Mod Showcase Video

    1. Play Hide and Seek with Cops by hiding in backyards, underground, behind walls, pillars. They'll try to find you.
    4. Shooting too much in public will draw Cops attention back to you and they will check out your area.
    2. Noisy Weapons wouldn't draw attention if you are in a secluded place and no one is around. (Grove street gang members wouldn't report you)
    3. Stealth killing in public is possible (before getting sighted and using a silenced pistol)
    5. When you're not wanted, your shootings / killings may be reported by some civilian who heard the shots or saw the crime. Using a machine gun in public would definitely draw attention.
    6. Driving too fast and rash will draw cop attention if you are already wanted and in hiding and the chance of some cop sighting you will increase and may blow your cover.
    7. Even after when you lose sight of the cops, some police helicopter may sight you and your cover will be blown - Aerial Sight
    8. Evasion Possibility
    8.(A) To actually lose stars, you need to sneak out of the area you were last seen in.
    8.(B) Once you lose your first star after going into hiding, other area cops might not recognize you so quickly like before. They'll be Hostile if you come within 30 metres and are in sight.
    10. The optional visual status list is provided at the end of the detailed description

  • The "GTA San Andreas Real Cop System Mod Beta" is a modification (mod) created by members of the modding community for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Mods like this one aim to enhance or alter the gameplay experience of the original game by adding new features, mechanics, or content.

    From the title, it sounds like this particular mod focuses on introducing a more realistic police system into the game. This could include features such as:

    1. Enhanced police AI: Improving the behavior and tactics of the police officers in the game, making them more responsive and challenging for the player.
    2. Realistic wanted system: Introducing a more sophisticated system for tracking the player's wanted level and the response of law enforcement agencies accordingly.
    3. Additional law enforcement features: Adding new elements to the game, such as police helicopters, SWAT teams, or more diverse police vehicles.

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