Textures not overwriting

  • Hi all, sorry for asking questions that might sound stupid to some but I have a hard time with gta 4, having used mods successfully in other games before like mafia 1 and 2.

    I am trying to get the 1988 setup for gta 4. The WTC is showing up, also the 80s car mod is working, all cars are there and look great. But none of the billboards are showing in the game. When I open the billboards in Open IV, it shows the new textures, but in Game are still the original ones. I have tried in 1.0.4, 1.07,1.08 and also in the newest version, that comes with steam. 2.something.

    The cars work with every version so far, the wtc acts up a bit on the newest one, but the billboards are never showing.II am back at 1.0.7 now.

    Any one knows about this? I am using windows 10, steam version. Any details needed in term of my pc, I can provide them later as I am just flying by quickly here :-)

    Thanks for any assistance