AvatarSDK and Uraniom

  • Hello,

    I really hope to get help here...I want to put my face into GTA V and there are many ways to do it. The most simple way is to create my head with AvatarSDK and load the File into Uraniom to load it into the game.

    And that's the problem now...

    Uraniom doesn't except any .obj-File I think.

    If I use the .obj-File from AvatarSDK, Uraniom seems to stuck... but if I use the .obj-File from FaceGenModeller (Demo Version) I can import the model to the game with Uraniom.

    The problem with the demo version is, that there is an ugly "FG" on every head and you can't use any hair-models.

    Does anyone have experience with using Uraniom, AvatarSDK or something else, how I can puck my face to the game?

    Google has not been able to help me for 3 weeks...