Need help to correct 2 issues

  • Hello Modders !

    I'm close to have the GTA 5 I dreamed about : A realistic shootout with an immersive police respond in a world improved.

    I have the version 3095 of GTA 5 with all tools needed for modding and updated. Everything is working fine without any crash or issues (except the two minor issues I need help about)

    Here is my mods list :

    - VisualV + VisualV clouds

    - VEDGA Vanilla Expanded Dispatch, Gang and Action (with the "popcycle.dat" and "popgroups.ymt" of "cops back on the beat" AND the "scenariotriggers.meta" and "shockingevents.ymt" of "ZiPPORAID_SHiTHEADPEDS")

    - Realistic Weapon Play (with the VEDGA "weaponanimations.meta" to have no issue with the police behavior)

    - Baka's Weapons Sounds Remastered

    - Immersive Pickups 2.2

    - E.R.O.

    - Improvement in gore

    - DriveV

    - Realistic corona & wigwag

    - the other mods are texture and skin improvements (like LA ROADS, EUPLO, EUPSR)

    The ASI list :

    - GameplayFixesV

    - HeapAdjuster

    - PackfileLimitAdjuster

    - WeaponLimitsAdjuster

    - SirenSetting_Limit_Adjuster

    - TrainerV

    - fwBoxStreamerVariable_DecalsLimit-Patch

    And the scripts :

    - Evolved Police Response - V1.2

    - Pull Me Over

    - Gang&Turf

    - More Gore

    - Street Races 0.7

    - Bennys Original Motorworks

    The two issues I have and need to correct to get finally the perfect game is :

    - Realistic Weapon Play : When I pick up weapons on the ground, I have no ammo and can't pickup ammos by picking up weapons.

    I installed "Immersive Pickups" later and it changes nothing about this issue so I guessed that the problem should come from the "weapons.meta" but can't figure out what should I change to get the ammo pickup back.

    - Wanted level issue when entering or exiting a car in front of cops : Indeed I get automatically 2 stars. I remove the scripts just in case and still have this issue. I replace the "crimeinformation.meta" of VEDGA by the Vanilla one but still have the issue. Can't figure out why...

    I would be so grateful for the people who'll take the time to help me coz I'm so close to have the game I wish and without any crash or performance loss and I'm open to any contribution for the help.

    My best regards to all readers !


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