Fire Marshal/Arson Investigator Vehicles

  • First time booting up ZMOD in probably nearly a year. Decided to revisit an old project, which I'll probably end up releasing in the Filebase:

    The Taurus is almost wrapped up, and, though uncertain at the time of creating this topic—I'll probably throw a 16/18 FPIU and a CVPI into the mix.

    Feedback is more than welcome as, although getting back into it has been going smooth so far (I guess it's like riding a bike—muscle memory just kicks in), I am especially prone to mistakes, so feel free to point those out.

  • To keep it alive—here is a video of the lights from about a month ago, when I last visited this project:

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    I am content with the amount of lighting, though minimal, and I will be revisiting those rear ions at some point :D

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