💯Electric Livery💯




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  • soooooo what does a guy got to do to get his hands on that caprice :D
    • I have a bit too much on my plate atm to finish it, unfortunately. 😩
    • whats not done with it it looks complete :O
    • Only the diffuse textures are complete. Still need bump, spec and dirt maps. I'm a bit OCD, so I don't like the simple textures used for the engine, generic undercarriage, ect.

      I've got a more interesting project to finish. This was mostly just an experiment to try new things for future mods.

      Thanks for you interest though.
    • would you be willing to let me use it anyway seeing youre not gunna be completing anytime soon?
    • I can't release unfinished work, it just goes against my OCD principles. I may restart the Caprice project in the future though.
  • 💦💦💦👅👅👅😱😱😱💯💯💯