Current polycount is 105k (with both folded/non folded spotlights and pushbumper). The polycount is gonna be reduced. (i still have to optimize some parts like headlights)

First version will be released untill 1st September.

This FPIU is based on my 2014 one, so it's will have proper lods. (Lods 1,2 is polycrounched manually, L3 and L4 are from NFS).

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  • One question.
    Will the high yft have a higher polycount than the normal yft?

    • Not sure what exactly you mean but atm i have:
      LOD 0 - 105k
      LOD 1 - 45k
      LOD 2 - 20k
      LOD 3 - 2K
      LOD 4 - 1,5K
      So, in this case, normal yft size will be smaller than high yft, and this is how it's with default cars.

    • That's what i meant.
      In most cases, the 0 is the same as 1.