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    Hello all! Long time modder first time poster on the forum here. Ive just recently started using a special hybrid els system using non els lighting, (late to the game for sure.) and everything seems to be working well with the exception of im having an issue with my first vehicle’s emissive mesh not showing through the glass, or potentially not having emissive properties. Ive had the issue in the past with ELS usually can be fixed by just reinstalling those particular emissives however it seems like thats not the case here. And I’m hoping it’s a simple fix, im sure it’s user error. So on this set up (Edge 9000) my red emissives (as well as amber rears) work just fine, however the blue mesh’s don’t seem to be working. On the front (0°) the blue emissive shows up but only when looking from the top down or the D-side. Passenger side emissives (180°) aren’t showing up at all. The material in zmoddler is placed in the correct location as well as the hierarchy being correct. The carcols are correct as well showing correct direction ENV lighting. The mesh is there that is confirmed however it is not acting like an emissive. Hopefully this is an easy fix and can be explained by me doing something dumb… thanks y’all!


    Please see attached photos (be it crappy quality) for a visual representation.

    Update: I was wrong about the front facing blue it works fine it’s just the P-side