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    make sure you size the instrument cluster correctly. The current dev model has a very small cluster, its not proptionate to the size of the dash. Also if you could add and make the transmission tunnel run the length of of the interior that would be awesome. Most dev models miss the transmission tunnel altogether so the floor between the seats is way too low. It would also be nice to have the factory console plate on the floor that the police console mounts to, and an option for the full factory taurus console for a detective package would be awesome! If you have any questions about the fpis let me know. I work with them on a daily basis so I should be able to answer most questions lol

    alrighty i will be sure to add some features like these

    2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit 1.2A

    The car I've been working on for the past eight months or so, finally done. I've worked incredibly hard on it so I hope you all enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do. I highly recommend using both the carvariations and the vehicles.meta when you go in game with the vehicle. The carvariations fixes the dial color and the vehicles.meta fixes the dials . Please alert me on any vehicle bugs, inaccuracies, or anything else.

    Additional Notes

    > A huge thank you to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, Ranger Rick for all their support. This wouldn't have been completed without them!

    > If you're going to use this model please take your time and create a quality model. Do not rush any releases or make any variants that do not make sense. This is how you can respect my work. Thank you.


    - Original vehicle model is 2015 Dodge Charger from Forza, edited into the 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit by Matt with parts from FH3 and Gamemodels

    - Seats, center mirror, shifter and dash edits modeled and done by Kane104 - commissioned by Ranger Rick

    - Major help from EVI for digital dial information and help to get the dials working and his patience to help me

    - Rear bumper diffuser modeled by Patrol 31 Normal edits by Steinberg

    - AWD/Charger badge modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt

    - AWD Steelies/Hubcap modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt

    - Big thanks to Cj24 for beta testing the model and help with spec maps and normal maps and his overall knowledge of gta materials

    - Interior dial textures made by NeonLazer

    - Interior button textures made by Slendis

    - Rims from Centercap edited by Matt

    - Dome Light modeled by Matt

    - A big thanks to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, and a big thanks to Ranger Rick who bought 3D parts so that i wouldn't give up on this project and bought me a Zmodeler license so that i can keep working on this project Thank you Rick.

    - Another big thanks to iansonwheels who had the time to make the AWD steelies and AWD package stuff....

    - Thank you to everyone who supported me and the project...

    1.2A fixed the awd rims to look better and more IRL and did some bug fixing on some lods and added non center cap for RWD this should the last update i hope


    It's not AO, it seems you mapped the body to the main body colour material but forgot to select the door sills, and those must be mapped to a white material so they don't change colour.

    (Ambient Occlusion are shadows rendered near cavities and such, they only show when in diffused lighting, not direct sunlight)

    but its not only the door sill area is kinda every where like were things click together

    so im having issues with the paint area on my fpiu been trying to fix this for weeks now dont know how to fix it the corners with reflections or just AO just bug me heres some pics   as you can see the corners of the doors and bodyshell have this weird reflection or something if anyone knows how to fix please halp