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    About Me

    Since 4 years I am modding GTA5 for a well known and huge german Roleplay-Server (GTMP / RageMP / ALT:V)

    - Started with simple maps (map editor).

    - Created several MLOs with 3DS Max. (Motel, Beaver Bush Ranger, Gouverment, Justice etc.)

    - Exchanged Textures on GTAV-MAP.

    - Removed / Inserted Objects (.ydr) to GTAV-MAP.

    - Made the first custom Tattoos Addon for RageMP and ALT:V.

    - Exported several hairstyles from SIMS4, weighted them (3DS Max) and imported to ALT:V.

    - Designed / created custom vehicles like "Skateboard" and "Sledge" for RP-Server.

    - Designed / created a Formel 1 Track on an Island.

    - Designed / created a Cave.

    - Edited damage-table for GUNs.

    - Swapped "Baseball" to "Stone" for demonstrations on your RP-Server.

    and much more.

    As you may notice, I am very experienced in modding, and since I was never happy with the existing GFX-Mods for GTAV I started to create my own GFX-Mod called Ikari for GTAV.

    About "Ikari".

    Since it was important to me, to have a GFX-Mod that is Roleplay-Server friendly, I have not replaced any Brand-Textures, removed or added Objects on Map. Furthermore no physics where changed.

    Join us on Discord: