Non ELS lights too big and wrong vehicle textures

  • Hello,

    i am this close to a breakdown since ive trying to get this car to work for almost a week now.

    I´ve followed numerous tutorials on how to create your own custom Lightbar on an unlocked vehicle.

    I´ve since followed two tutorials, step by step, (one from Aerrorex and another from Mc Ginlay) but my lights are always ending up too big and glitching out of the housing of the lightbar. I have already tried to troubleshoot this with changing the siren id but nothing is changing.

    Then i have noticed that after i´ve added the textures of the lightbar into the .ytd my window textures and the ones of the lightbar itself are messed up (Theyre supposed to show a different texture and are blue and amber originally)

    Please help me.

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