Having trouble creating driving lights (DRLS)...

  • I keep using extra_ten as a way to get my DRLS to turn on and stay on all the time.

    But they're not coming on.

    I created the light. renamed it 'extra_ten' (also tried naming it headlight_l.)

    Is that all I need to do, to make it work?

  • There are plenty of potential issues.

    - Your material hierarchy could be wrong (emissive material may be below glass material).
    - Your model hierarchy could be wrong (extra_ten may be below headlight_l [assuming you're using a model where the headlight is attached to the headlight glass as it should be]).
    - Your mesh may not be set to an emissive material
    - Your mesh may have the wrong ID in polygon and / or vertex mode (needs to be 0)

    There are other potential causes, start by checking those four items.