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    Make sure to provide correct credits and list all contributions for released or completed modifications. Credits must be displayed before downloading and must be included with the download. If you use parts you have not created yourself, make sure you are permitted to use them. Credits for work in progress or discontinued modifications must be made available if requested.

    Thread titles should contain the name of the modification presented. We recommend presenting only one mod or one mod pack per thread.

    Screenshots have to be provided when presenting any modification. Pictures need to be attached to the post, external hosters may not be used. When embedding pictures in a post, use thumbnails if possible.

    Released modifications need to be hosted on Modding Forum, either by attaching them in the thread or by submitting them to our filebase. It is allowed to post external links for files that exceed our maximum file size, as an additional mirror or for optional downloads.

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    Instead of posting donation links or links to your Discord servers and YouTube channels in the description, please use the respective profile fields. The links will automatically be shown in the sidebar next to your showroom post without cluttering up your post.

    Please note: As per our terms of use, links to commercial websites or commercial Discord servers are considered advertising may not be included in your posts. Note that they may be posted in the respective profile fields and are automatically displayed next to your showroom threads and filebase files.

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