1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71-P7B

  • Thanks to advice from GreenAid, the headlight normals have been tweaked from the "checkered" type of reflection, as shown in the previous photos, to a more realistic spherical sectioned look. I'll show that in a future update.

    For now this update is all about rim jobs. First few wheels are from the Marauder, Mustang and LX package, the rest are variations of the same wheels(36 all together). I tried to keep all the textures as low res as possible for file size, I've since needed to increase the size of the spec maps to avoid blurring of the ford logo on some.

    Let me know if you notice any issues.

    Thank you all for the comments and criticism so far.

  • Thank you.

    Initially, there was to be a public DEV release planned. However, some behind the scenes issues with Kevin's Caprice has caused me to rethink my position. At this point, I will have a copy available to people that can be trusted. It won't be exclusive for AC members. The version I'm doing is a bit of a "skunkworks" demo project where I'm implementing some unique ideas that I haven't revealed yet. I'm eager to move on to other projects asap, so it will be up to the trusted developers to make whatever equipment combination they can think of.

    Even then, I saw that GeorgieMoon has a DEV CVPI planned and based on his other work, it should look promising.

  • Picture demonstrates increased deformation plasticity. The headlights, tail lights and reverse lights can all be ejected in a hard collision. There's an option to have it removed.

    I've made 5 handling lines that are attenuated per the Michigan State Police 2011 police vehicle evaluation. First 2 simulate gross weight that includes; curb weight, 1 passenger and equipment(800 lbs). They have a noticeable slower acceleration. They are based on the 3.27 rear axle for highway use(129 mph) and 3:55 gear ratio for city use(120 mph). Next two are purely based on the MSP data. That includes curb weight, 1 passenger and no equipment. Last one is based on the hypothetical number that the vehicle is electronically limited to and curb weight. Of course, the vehicle works perfectly fine with vanilla handling, if it's too slow for scripts, or other role-play.