Getting back into it

  • Hello everyone,

    You might remember me as that not so humble modder/modeller back in the GTA 4 days. However, I've changed into a more humble and mature human being. During my time away from any modding/modelling work, I explored who I am and who I want to be in the future. I went on and travelled to amazing places and met amazing people allong the way. A combination of all really made me reflect on who I was, and I found out that I wasn't a nice person at all. I berated people, I was mean to people, and I didn't appreciate the trouble people went trough "for" me. I've come to partially redeem myself because I feel like I mistreated alot of people in this community. Even though I can't change my actions from the past, I do sincerely want to appologize for anything that occured in the past. I'd like to let you know that I've learned from my mistakes and I'm focusing on the road that lies ahead.

    Now, I've decided I do want to get back into modding and modelling and transfer to GTA 5(Yes I'm still stuck in 2008).

    I've been fooling around with zmod3 and I noticed some changes like the way you setup your materials, the LODs and some other stuff and my question is what do I look out for? What is important when working in zmod3?

    Thank you so much in advance and it's so nice to see all these familiar names again!


  • Hey,

    Great to see you back!

    The basic way things work is still pretty much exactly the same, you have materials with shaders and a geometry with LODs. The main difference is that the interface of ZModeler was changed, for example instead of having to put the name of a shader in the material to make it work, you can now simply select preset shaders that add all necessary maps, meaning all you have to do it is select the textures to use.

    A more complicated change are the compounds, which are as much as an advantage as a disadvantage. Instead of having LODs as children of the dummy, the dummy is now a compound that contains each LOD, allowing you to simply switch between the LODs of all objects with the click of one button. The disadvantage however is that compounding and decompounding can be tedious, since it's usually always necessary when having to edit more than one LOD of one or more objects.

    I recommend taking a look at the guide ZModeler 3 and Vehicle Mods, it explains many of the basics. Some parts are obvious when coming from ZModeler 2, but a few things are new or different.

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